Lan Po Naklua Fish Market in North Pattaya

Lan Pho Market Na Kluea, North Pattaya, Thailand

Lan Pho Market Salt fields and fresh and dried seafood

Lan Pho Market, Na Kluea, Ton Pho Market or the old market of Na Kluea. It's a market selling fresh, live seafood. There are many types and sizes, such as large shrimp, oily crab eggs, squid with fresh eggs, large sea fish, various types of shellfish. And at the entrance there are many types of dipping sauces to choose from, sweet, very spicy. Less spicy. The street food aisle has grilling shops for customers to choose from. At the back there is a wide garden where you can sit and eat. Which is a good time to buy food? Go early in the morning and arrive in the late afternoon because you'll get fresh produce. And it's cheap too. But if after the afternoon The food will start to not be fresh or will run out first, but the price may drop to 10-20 baht.

Opening and closing times of Lan Pho Market, Na Kluea

The market opens from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Location of Lan Pho Market, Na Kluea

Lan Pho Na Kluea Market is located at Lan Pho Na Kluea Market. Pattaya-Naklua Road, Pattaya City, Bang Lamung District, Chonburi Province

Travel from Pattaya to Lan Pho Market, Na Kluea

Can choose 3 routes

If you are in Pattaya and want to travel to Na Kluea Market. Drive straight on Sukhumvit Road to North Pattaya Road. Go straight and you will see Na Kluea intersection. Turn left. Go straight a bit and turn right. Drive into Na Kluea Market.

If you choose to travel from Jomtien Road. Travel onto Road 2. Then go straight to the Plaloma curve intersection, drive straight until you reach Lan Pho Na Kluea Market.

If coming from Pattaya Sai 3 Road Drive straight to the intersection and drive straight until you see a three-way intersection, turn left. Enter Phothisan Road. When you see the Phothisan intersection, turn right. Drive straight and you will see Lan Pho Na Kluea Market.

Business service to Lan Pho Market, Na Kluea

Private car

Using a private car to travel to Lan Pho Market, Na Kluea, you can drive and park in the parking lot in front for free.

Motorcycle for hire

Travel using a hired motorcycle to the market. If from Pattaya, the cost is 100-150 baht. It may cost more or less. Depends on the location whether far or near

Songthaew buses

Travel by minibus. It will start from Wat Chai Mongkol Market. to second road Passing the dolphin roundabout Go to Lan Pho Market, Na Kluea. Fare is 10 baht/time/person.

Charter taxi

Traveling by taxi is used in travel applications such as Grab car or Bolt. You can call a car. The car will come to pick up the location where we are. To the place we're going If going to Lan Pho Market, Na Kluea, the fare will be around 100-200 baht.

Seafood prices, Lan Pho Market, Na Kluea

Price of seafood in Lan Pho Market. There are many to choose from at many prices. Prices at each store may vary. There are many types of seafood to choose from, such as shrimp, shellfish, crab, fish, crayfish, and squid. There are many sites to choose from.

Price of fresh and frozen shrimp

Frozen white shrimp

White shrimp is a shrimp that has a white appearance, clear flesh, suitable for made-to-order restaurants. Make a menu of shrimp soaked in fish sauce or grilled, but some people can make shrimp pickled in fish sauce. Most restaurants and buffet shops use white shrimp juice for cooking. which is considered inexpensive shrimp But it is delicious. Small size is priced around 200 baht/kg. Medium size is priced around 220-230 baht/kg. Large size is priced around 240-250 baht/kg.

Fresh river prawns

River shrimp It's a shrimp that most people tend to make: tom yum goong, steamed, grilled, or barbecued at various buffet restaurants. Or people who organize parties with family or friends. These are large shrimps with firm flesh, sweet, crispy, delicious, and delicious. Small size is about 200-240 baht/kg. 25-30 pieces. Medium size is about 250-280 baht/kg. 20-25 pieces. Large size is about 320-380 baht/kg. 12-15 kilograms

Tiger shrimp

Tiger shrimp It is a very large shrimp with firm flesh, but the appearance of the shrimp has stripes similar to tiger stripes. and has alternating red and white It is a fairly expensive shrimp. Small size is priced around 700-900 baht/kg. 8-10 pieces. Medium size is priced around 1000-1200 baht/kg. 6-7 pieces. Large size is priced around 1250-1400 baht/kg. 4-5 pieces.< /p>


Lobsters are available in many sizes. And can also be processed into many types of food. Each size has a different price. It has a delicious and very sweet taste. It can be made with both Thai food and Western food as well. Small size is about 300-500/each. Medium size is about 700-900/each. Large size is about 1000-1400/each.

Price of fresh crayfish

Kang Kradan

Kang Kradan It is a crayfish with a rather hard shell. The body is brown. It can be made into a boiled and steamed menu, eaten with seafood dipping sauce. It's very delicious. It's also an inexpensive crayfish. Small size is about 180-200 baht/kilogram, 20-25 pieces. Medium size is about 200-250 baht/kilogram. 15-20 pieces, large size, price around 300-600 baht/kg. 12-15 pieces.

Kaew shrimp

Glass crayfish is a crayfish that has a long, white body and clear flesh. It can be steamed or poached and dipped. It has a sweet taste, crispy texture, or it can be made into delicious garlic fried shrimp. And can also make many menus. Small size is about 200-250 baht/kilogram, 10-15 pieces. Medium size is about 300-500 baht/kilogram, 5-10 pieces. Large size is about 500-1000 baht/kilogram, 4-5 pieces.

Price of various shellfish

Cockle - Cockle

Cockles are both small and large. But the clams are large and have hair. Can be used to make boiled and dipped menus. When blanching, we can also choose whether we want it to be more or less cooked. It doesn't take long to blanch, about 20-30 seconds. It's delicious. Small cockles are priced around 160-180 baht/kg. Large ones are priced around 200-240 baht/kg. 200-220 baht/kg 10-12 pieces


Mussels There will be a green shell. The shellfish's body is orange. They can be boiled and dipped in seafood dipping sauce. They can be steamed or you want to make stir-fried or fried dishes as well. Mussels are inexpensive. The price of mussels is approximately 40-90 baht/kg, depending on the size.


Scallops are shellfish that can be made in many different dishes. It is an inexpensive shellfish. They are peeled and washed, then boiled and dipped or grilled on a barbecue with butter and fragrant garlic. You can eat it right away. The price is around 160-180 baht/kg, but some shops will peel the shells and put them in bags. It will be sold at a price of 200-220 baht/bag and the shop will give you free sea shells. To be able to use it for cooking.


Clams have white flesh. The shell is white with black stripes. When the oysters are fresh, there will be juice coming out of the oysters. They can be grilled, poached, dipped, stir-fried, or fried. They have a sweet flavor. And the price is not expensive. The price of clams is approximately 40-60 baht/kg.

Wan shellfish

Hoi Wan is a howling that has a sweet taste. The shellfish is orange in color with white stripes and black stripes. It can be grilled, poached, boiled, or stir-fried. The clam meat is yellow. The price is not very expensive. Small sites are priced around 90-120 baht/kilogram. Large sites are priced around 130-140 baht/kilogram.


Oysters are shellfish that can be eaten while they're still alive. In the market, there are both pre-shucked oysters and those sold in sets. Or still large fresh ones, the price is not expensive. As a set, they sell for 100-150 baht/set. Fresh oysters are sold for 40 baht each, so fresh.

Price of fresh blue crabs and sea crabs

Blue crab

Blue crab is a type of crabthat lives in the sea. Fishermen will go out on boats to search for water in the sea. and will be sold to vendors in the market There are both live and frozen crabs in the market. The price of live crab and the price of frozen crab will be different. The price of frozen crabs comes in many sizes. Small size is priced around 100-200 baht/kg. Medium size is priced around 250-320 baht/kg. Large size is priced around 320-400 baht/kg. As for crabs that are still alive, It will be in a tray that still has oxygen. Prices also vary. Small size crabs are priced around 280-320 baht/kilogram, 9-10 pieces. Medium size crabs are priced around 350-400 baht/kg. 6-7 pieces. Large size are priced around 380-450 baht/kg. 3-5 pieces. span>

Sea crab

Sea crab It is a type of crab that lives in the sea. It has a round, oval-shaped shell. Black with red or dark brown The shell is very hard. Most people like to eat sea crab. Because it has a sweet, delicious taste, the price is quite expensive. Fresh sea crabs, small size, price about 380-500 baht/kilogram, 7-8 pieces, medium size, price about 550-700 baht/kilogram, 5-6 pieces, large size, price about 900-1300 baht/kilogram. 4-5 pieces

Price of various fish


Sea bass is a fish used for making tom yum, curry, and frying. It has delicious meat and is not expensive. The price of sea bass in the market is sold at 130-170 baht per kilogram/piece.

Snakehead fish

Sleeping fish is a fish that is sold in the market at an inexpensive price. Fishermen would sell the trevally fish to vendors. It is sold per kilogram. But in the market they are sold in pieces at 130 baht per kilogram/piece. There are both small and large sizes.


Fish It is sold at a price of approximately 250 baht per kilogram/piece, which depends on the size of the fish we choose. Whether it's small or big.

Nile tilapia-Tubtim fish

Nile tilapia and ruby fish. It will be a freshwater fish with a market price of around 100-120 baht each.

Fresh mackerel

Fresh mackerel is a fish that is caught using a trawl. The selling price in the market is 150-160 baht per kilogram, 10-15 pieces.


Mullet fish will be sold at the market. It is sold for 120-160 baht per kilogram, depending on the size of the fish. There may be different prices.

Squid price

Banana squid

Banana squid has a long body. There are many sizes of banana squid. Both cheap and expensive. Small size, price starts at 150-180 baht/kg. 15-20 pieces. Medium size, price is around 200-280 baht/kg. 10-12 pieces. Large size, price is around 280-320 baht/kg. 5-6 kilograms


Squid is a squid that has a cylindrical body. Fins or side plates on both sides It is wide and flat. The price of each site is different. Small sites are priced around 160-180 baht/kilogram, 10-15 pieces. Medium sites are priced around 200-260 baht/kilogram, 7-8 pieces. Large sites are priced around 280-320 baht/kilogram, 4-5 pieces.

Squid shell

Squid shell The body is an oval bag. There is a muscle sheet covering the body, which is the fins. There are many sizes to choose from. Small size will be about 160-180 baht/kg. 10-15 pieces. Medium size will be about 200-270 baht/kg. 7-8 pieces. Large size will be about 280 baht. -350 baht/kg 5-6 pieces

Squid line

Squid is a squid that has a round head. There are 8 tentacles in total. The price of each size is different. Small size, price will be approximately 90-150 baht/kg. Medium size, price will be approximately 150-200 baht/kg. Large size, price will be approximately 230-280 baht/kg.

Price of seafood sauce

Seafood dipping sauces in Lan Pho Na Kluea Market are available in many types. Both very spicy and less spicy. There are 2 colors of dipping sauce to choose from: red and green seafood dipping sauce. The red color is very spicy. Green is less spicy. The price of a small bag is about 50 baht. The price of a large bag is 100 baht.

Walking map of Lan Pho, Na Kluea Market

Lan Pho Na Kluea Market is divided into 3 zones

Fresh seafood market zone

This zone will be inside. It is a zone that can be said to have gathered fresh seafood from fishermen all over the sea for you to choose from, including large shrimps, shellfish, crabs, fish, squid, crayfish, and in front of the entrance there are also fresh vegetables and dipping sauces for you to choose fresh as well.</ p>

Street Food Zone

This zone is mostly a cart with a service for preparing seafood that we just bought, whether it's grilled, grilled, fried, or made into a side dish. It depends on what kind of food we want to eat. The price depends on the item we order. If it's grilled, grilled, fried, or boiled, it will be calculated in kilograms. And it's a fresh seafood market with a variety of food.

Dry food zone and fruit

This zone will sell both sweet and savory food, dry food, souvenirs, and seasonal fruits of Chonburi province. and eastern region There are dried squid, dried shrimp, fish strips, and many more for you to purchase. at an affordable price And there is also ready-made food for sale daily, such as fresh fried squid, fried bananas, smoothies, desserts, traditional snacks.

Why do you have to buy seafood at Lan Pho Market, Na Kluea?

You can buy more seafood than the general fresh market.

There are many ready-made cooking services to choose from.

There is a place to sit and eat. It's a wide area. There is a very cool atmosphere.

There are mats for rent to sit and eat. And you can buy cups, spoons, plates, bowls, or water right there.

Things gained from going to Lan Pho Market, Na Kluea

Look at pictures of beautiful views. atmosphere of sea water The sound of sea waves

Taste the taste of fresh seafood with firm, large meat.

You can choose where you want to sit and eat.

Get to know the location and work of employees in the market

Places for relaxation-exercise


If you walk into a place to eat. You will see that on the left hand side There will be a playground. Let the young children play and in the playground There is also an exercise area for children. To train the brain and play happily and have fun

Wide cement courtyard above

In this wide cement courtyard zone evening time There will be people coming out to play sports. and exercise Some people will come to play football. Some people will come to play badminton. It's a good atmosphere. And take care of your own health as well.

Bathroom service

Toilets in Lan Pho Market, Na Kluea. If you walk up towards the Street Food zone, you will see the road split towards Lan Pho, turn to the right. then walked inside There will be male and female bathrooms. Bathroom use fee is 5 baht per person.

Employees at Lan Pho Market, Na Kluea

Work of employees in the market

Working in that market Most of them are foreign workers. and is a legal worker In work, there will be both employees and employers. that provides service to customers The employees will call customers or recommend food to the customers that they like and are appetizing. It can be seen that at Lan Pho and Na Kluea Market there will be more foreign workers than Thai employees, which is like an opportunity for foreign workers to be able to change new jobs more freely.

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