Post office in Thailand

History of Thailand Post

Postal History

The image of the postman during the reign of King Rama V in Thailand has a history dating back to the Sukhothai period. It is the letter route from Sawankhalok through Sukhothai to Kamphaeng Phet used for governance. Postal service for the general public There have been many agencies that open the postal service. Before the Thai state post office is open for services such as private companies, shipping companies British and US consulates in Thailand, etc.

This is a letter sent abroad. And there are stamps of countries in this area such as Hong Kong, England, Colonial Strait (Strait Settlements, now Malaysia, Singapore, Christmas Island). And Cocos Islands) and East Indies (East Indies or East India, now India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Maldives), etc. Send it to your destination.

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Postal Service

The services that the post office offers to the public are:

Postal services such as letters, postcards, air mail, publications, parcels, etc., are separated into several levels. And the service charge is different, for example

Ordinary mail

Express mail Get there faster.

Express mail (Express Mail Service, EMS) arrives quickly and records steps from the origin to the recipient. Protect the postage from being lost.

Registered mail is recorded to prevent lost mail.

Postal guaranteed. There is a guarantee and reimbursement in case of loss of mail.

Postage receipt When the letter reaches the recipient The destination post office will send a receipt back to the sender.

Parcel will collect money on delivery.

Financial services include sending money orders. Postal bill of exchange

Telegram service For Thailand Currently responsible by CAT Telecom Co., Ltd. after the privatization of the Communications Authority of Thailand.

In addition, other services may be available, such as


P.O. Box rental.

Long distance phone service Internet

Payment service

Sell stamps Postage stationery And other collectibles

Products and services of the company Thailand Post

Postal Service


Of publication


Transportation Services

Post Logis A large or heavy item delivery service

Postal code

International parcel Small items delivery service to international destinations

Express mail EMS

Express passport delivery service by post.

Financial Services

Money order

Online money order

Online money order via Internet

International electronic money order

International money transfer service Western Union

Payment service Pay @ Post

Postal service C.O.D.

Travel and show ticket reservation service

Online top-up service U Top Up

Smart ipostcard service

Bank @ post service, deposit, receive, and transfer via post.

Retailing and distribution of various products

Accepting as a distributor for products such as items in post consignment boxes

Delicious all over Thailand Order at the post office Food for family eating or catering

Post e Mart sells products through the website.

Sells postage stamps and collectibles.

Thailand Post Shop Postal service With permission from Thailand Post Co., Ltd.

Business income

The source of income, such as the delivery of goods by post, postage stamps. Payment of wrapping and addressing services via the postal service, postal service, money order service, Thai Ticket Major ticket reservation and online shopping, etc.

Revenue received will be delivered to the Ministry of Finance as a shareholder of approximately 25%, the rate may change depending on the policy of the State Enterprise Policy Office, Ministry of Finance.

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