Shopping Online in Pattaya

Online Shopping in Pattaya

Online Shopping Tips

Online shopping in Pattaya. It is a convenient option that is suitable for people who do not have time to go shopping by themselves. You can download apps or online websites to sell things such as Big C Online, Makro Online, Tesco Lotus, 7-Eleven, Facebook Marketing, Grab Food, Food Panda, Line Man or many other channels. To order what we want.

Most of the people in Pattaya order their products online at convenience stores. And most online food ordering apps, as they are quick and convenient for people with little time.

Shops have many different types of things. What?

Fresh food, dry food, instant food

Appliances Consume - Consume.

Newborn baby items

Sports equipment

Electrical appliances Kitchen appliances

Snack Various drinks

Vegetables and fruits.

Who can deliver delivery to customers

Department Store - Convenience Store

The staff in the shipping department will deliver the products to the customers. After the order has been confirmed But it may take 2-3 days for delivery or customers can choose an appointment date to receive the product. Or if the customer orders products in the application can choose to deliver the product immediately Which takes 30 minutes to 1 hour to wait for the product.

Minimum price and delivery cost for shopping mall-convenience store orders

Shopping mall

Minimum order for food is 500 baht or more.

Shipping fee starts at 60 baht (service in the area only)

Convenience Store

Minimum order for food is 100 baht or more.

Free shipping.

Various online food ordering applications

Customers can download an online food ordering app by phone. When the customer has finished ordering the desired food Must press to confirm the order The application will automatically tell you how many minutes to wait. And wait for the staff to deliver the products Or if the customer wants to order more, can send a message via the application or call to notify the recipient of the order. Customers will be able to order only one restaurant if they have chosen one of the menus. But you will be able to order other stores once the first order is finished.

Minimum price and delivery cost for online food ordering

Can order products at the price that the customer wants. But if the order is less than 50 baht, the shipping cost will be more expensive. But if the customer orders food at the price specified by the restaurant, free delivery or free drinks Or delivery fee may depend on the restaurant's distance.

Shipping costs start at 10 - 100 baht.

How can I pay?

Pay at destination

Pay via Banking Mobile

Pay by Credit card - Debit

Pay in installments pay.

Time for sending and receiving products

Convenience Store

You can wait for your product within 30 minutes to an hour, or you can place an order and choose a pick-up date.

Shopping mall

When the customer has finished selecting the products they want. You can choose a payment method. And select a waiting date to receive the product But usually The department store will deliver within 2-3 days.

Food ordering app

When the customer has confirmed the order. You can wait to receive your order within 20 - 45 minutes.

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