Lazada Thailand Shopping Online

Lazada Shopping Online

Lazada is considered to be one of the most popular online shopping channels. Of Thailand that has it all And it's also the most downloaded application for online shopping. And there are also products that are manufactured from abroad and imported into Thailand as well. But most of the time our products will be delivered in Thailand only. The company has many stores that sell their products with the company.


Smart way to shop

At Lazada, we leverage both existing and emerging technologies to redefine the retail experience by leveraging real-time data to help us adapt to changing needs and conditions. Quickly

We connect consumers with brands, create customized experiences, and evolve them into retail destinations where customers come for shopping and entertainment, and we continue to push the boundaries of Project Voyager, our technology group at Developed in partnership with Alibaba, driving Lazada with the most scalable and competitive product and technology solutions for the next decade.

Easy and convenient shopping

Easy and convenient shopping. This has been the goal of Lazada through the years. We promise every customer that we will provide a comfortable, hassle-free online shopping experience. We have designed everything that facilitates web and app search for easy navigation. Products are allocated under the same category. Including relevant descriptions and publicly reviewing the product.

Greatest price reduction Awesome discount coupons and promotions

Great discounts and deals can be found everyday on Lazada. Discount codes and discount coupons can be used in combination and can be redeemed for a great value. Especially during Lazada campaigns such as the Birthday campaign, the Women's Festival campaign and the Mid-Year Festival campaign, the 9.9th Annual Shopping Festival and the biggest online shopping festival of the year, 11.11 and 12.12 campaigns.

What are the products for sale on Lazada?

Home care products

Baby products

Personal care products

Consumer goods

Entertainment goods

Cleaning products

Product group and packaging.

Product group of use Use

How can customers order products from Lazada?

Enter the Lazada web page. Or download the Lazada app.

Register a user.

Select the desired product amount.

Press to order Enter your home or work address.

Select a payment method.

Confirm order And wait to receive the product.


Local delivery.

Shipping time

Domestic shipping Shipping time is approximately 2-7 business days.

Shipping from abroad. Delivery time is approximately 1 week to 1 month, depending on the delivery.

Shipping cost

Domestic shipping costs. Prices start from 22-300 baht depending on the size of the product.

Shipping from abroad. Prices start from 27-190 baht, depending on distance and product price.

Note: Shipping cost depends on some stores. If customers order products at the prices specified by the store Shipping fee is free.

Who can deliver the products?

Lazada's company

Kerry Express Company

Thai Post

Flash Express

Best Express

Thorough Shipping and Free Returns

Not only do they have some great products to choose from, But we also have home delivery services throughout the country. Lazada can deliver everything to customers' homes. No matter where you are If damaged from delivery You can send it back through a hassle-free return process and a refund process as soon as possible.

Various payment options

Transactions with us are easy. With a variety of payments As the Southeast e-commerce leader We will act as a safe platform to shop. It also protects your sensitive information from unauthorized users and any fraudulent activity that may occur during the checkout process.

How can I pay?

Via credit debit card.

Pay at the destination in cash.

Pay via Mobile Banking Application

Pay via True Money Wallet application.

Counter service

Installment or other.

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