Visa for Thai citizens for traveling abroad during an emergency situation

Thai visa for traveling abroad

Steps to travel to Thailand during an emergency situation

According to the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand. Has issued a notice about Conditions for allowing aircraft to fly in and out of Thailand No. 2 on July 2, 2020 and conditions for allowing aircraft to fly in and out of Thailand No. 3 on August 3, 2020 are added to provide Relevant persons have operational guidelines that are in line with the requirements issued under Section 9 of the Emergency Decree on Public Administration in Emergency Situations. And an order of the Coronavirus Disease Situation Management Center (2019) with the aim of allowing the different types of authorized persons to travel to the Kingdom more the Royal Thai Embassy in New York, the Royal Thai Consulate-General in Los Angeles, and the Royal Thai Consulate-General in Chicago have been approved to arrange flights to send Thai nationals back from the United States.

An authorized Thai person may enter the Kingdom of Thailand

Persons of Thai nationality Not a Thai national or use a US passport.

Have a Thai passport that is still valid. Or emergency travel documents in case of expired passport and needing to travel urgently Please submit a request for C.I. to the Consular Office in the state of residence.

Schedule a return flight to Thailand with 2 options for purchasing flights and quarantine accommodation

Traveling with Flights to send persons back to Thailand

Travelers purchase tickets by day. Time and book through the specified channels and conditions only If you contact the airline through other channels You will not be included in the quota of Thai nationals to return and the airline may cancel your ticket later.

Thai persons are detained by the state, provided by the State Quarantine free of charge and may not be able to choose accommodation.

Ability to detain at the hotel as an alternative ASQ quarantine at your own expense.

Information for purchasing a repatriation flight.

Traveling with Semi-commercial flights

A traveler purchases a ticket with a participating airline. semi-commercial flight

Detained for 14 days at the hotel, detained as an alternative ASQ, and had to pay for his own accommodation.

Information for purchasing a ticket. semi-commercial flight

Alternative State Quarantine ASQ

Get a travel certificate to Thailand

Before registering, please check the US consular authority in charge of the territory where you live.

Step 1 - Register at

Travelers fill out information And attach a picture of passport to the system.

When the registration is complete. Traveler will be given a 6-digit reference number.

Wait for the results of approval for pre-approve within 3 days.

Warning if you are in the process of registering. Will not be able to re-register In the event of a flight canceled Contact the staff to apply for a new COE amendment.

Step 2 - Acquire and upload flight tickets for Confirm travel

Provides air ticket and accommodation booking confirmation in case of using the ASQ service.

Information for purchasing a repatriation flight.

Information for purchasing a ticket. semi-commercial flight

Hotel reservation information, alternative quarantine, ASQ

Once pre-approved, upload your flight tickets within 15 days.

Step 3 - Get your credentials

When the document is uploaded and travel confirmed. The officer will issue the COE within 3 days.

Check the result. You can use the 6-digit number on the menu. Check the result.

Approved persons Documents can be downloaded from the menu. Check the result.

Those who have not been approved. Staff will contact you by email to request additional documents.

In the case of a flight canceled Contact the staff to apply for a new COE amendment.

Download and register

Travelers perform the app installation.

After receiving the coe, you can download and register the app. Using the COE number from the certificate issued by the embassy or consulate general and the Refer ID number issued from the online COE system

Provide a medical certificate

Obtain a medical certificate up to 72 hours before you leave the US, or about 2 days before your travel date. You can find the test site and sample at the topic of medical certificate.

The Covid-19 test may be required depending on the airline or country of transit. Please check with the airline you are traveling to. You must provide a negative COVID result. Negative COVID-test result by RT-PCR method not more than 72 hours or as specified by the airline. To show to the airline

Supply Form Tor 8

Download the Tor.8 form, a form asking questions about the health of travelers entering the Kingdom.

Or register through the phone application system of the airport of Thailand. After completing check-in AOT Airports Application Manual to fill out the T.8 documents online

Documents to be prepared on the day of travel

This is a hard-copy document. Travelers cannot use electronic documents such as mobile phones. To show to the staff, namely

Passport or C.I.


ASQ hotel booking form in the event of a flight. Semi-Commercial fight or in the case of choosing to use the service

Travel certificate COE

Check-in Fit-to-Fly results with luggage to check-in. To leave normally.

When arriving in Thailand, additional documents are submitted:

ThailandPlus Application

Form Tor.8

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