How to Get a Thai Driving License?

Thai driving license

Getting a driver's license


The Motorbike Driving License : At least 15 years of age, drive no more than 110 cc.

The Car Driving License is at least 18 years old.

Public motorcycles At least 20 years old.

Public car At least 22 years old.

Evidence of request

Copy of ID card With original ID card.

Medical certificate Ensure that you do not suffer from driving 5 diseases, issued no more than 1 month before the date of application.

Other types of driving licenses That never expires.

If you are a foreigner Use a passport, passport instead of an ID card. Work permit Or a certificate of residence issued by the embassy Or the government issued to replace the house registration

Operation steps

Check the evidence / issue the request.

Test your fitness.

Training for 4 hours (2 days)

Pass 75% of the 30 required written examinations, 23 questions will be passed. If failing the test, you can take one more rejection test on that day. If still not passed Will issue an appointment for a new excuse test On the next business day from the date of failure to pass, but not more than 90 days from the date of submission of the request.

Take a driving test. The rules set for three tests. In the case that the person does not pass the test in any position, he must come to take the excuse test only for the position he did not pass. After 3 working days have expired from the date of failed testing, but not more than 90 days from the date of submission of the request.

Pay the fee and get a driver's license.

General guidelines

A driver's license has been expired for no more than 1 year. You can complete this process.

A driver's license has been expired for more than 3 years, requires a physical fitness test, written test. And take a driving test

Driving License Renewal

All kinds of driving licenses. Can be renewed up to 90 days in advance, except for a temporary driver's license, can be renewed up to 60 days in advance. Copy of house registration with original house registration If there is any change in the item, such as name, surname, address, please bring proof of change.

Personal license for 5 years is 5 years, physical fitness test and 1 hour of training is required.

Public driver's license is 3 years for 3 years. Must be tested for physical fitness, 1 hour training and a criminal record check. Before continuing to issue your driving license.

A two-part medical certificate, not more than 1 month.

Bashing driving licenses for foreigners, the proof is

Passport Passport for tourism or sports can only be renewed temporarily.

Work permit Or a certificate of residence issued by the embassy Or issued by the government.

Changing driving license type

Applicant for changing the license type You must first obtain a temporary driver's license. To become a personal driver's license for 5 years without training And bring evidence like a new license Which currently applies for a personal car driver's license Personal three-wheeled vehicle driver's license And a personal motorcycle driver's license Without having to wait for a temporary driver's license to expire first Therefore will come to apply for a personal driving license Up to 60 days before the temporary driver's license expires, and the Registrar shall set the license date after the temporary driver license expires.

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