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Cleaning contractors service on a yearly and monthly and weekly or daily basis. The cleaners must be hired to take care of the facility. Starting from the maintenance of cleaning, including doing care, cleaning various things or places. To achieve the best satisfaction for employers at a low price.

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Why is there a cleaning service in Pattaya?

For someone who has to work hard. Or don't have time

Can be an income for those who are unemployed.

There may be a company to set up employees to provide cleaning service.

Daily and monthly cleaning contract income

For contractors for daily cleaning. Will have a daily income of 300 baht per day, but for those who hire a monthly cleaning Income per month 9000-10000 baht per month or if the company established employees. Income may be as specified by the company.

Cleaning services for both public and private office buildings

Modern office building today Was built to facilitate and meet the needs Of users in all aspects One of the main factors required is the cleanliness of the building. It will be expressed in the clean and tidy image of the area as well as the polite gestures of the cleaning staff while cleaning. And want to make corridors, bathrooms, cafeterias and other places Clean as possible to make a good impression.

Hospital cleaning services

Hospital management has adopted different standards for efficiency. And the highest efficiency in service Has given great importance to the cleaning management system To meet And meet the standard requirements of hospitals such as

Use the cleaning solution correctly according to the area.

Separate storage of equipment used in each area. For cleanliness Be hygienic and prevent infection.

The correct classification of waste such as fresh, recycled and infectious waste.

Placement of cleaning workers by areas such as sterile areas. Common areas or patient rooms

Training housewives to understand the work they do. And achieve maximum work efficiency

Hotel Housekeeping Service Residence

Hotel or residence The first thing guests pay attention to is the cleanliness of the place. Which is what will make an impression From the first step into the place Therefore giving great importance to cleanliness Tidiness of the place In addition to the cleaning, you can be sure that it will be a part of impressing your residents.

Cleaning service for shopping malls, markets

Cleanliness in shopping malls is important. And it's a delicate matter This is because cleanliness plays an important role and is the main factor in attracting visitors to the mall. Or that market Cleanliness indicates the tastes of the place and the guests who come to use the service. Department stores must be clean. Should come to use the service Take a rest Toilets must be clean. The mall floor must be dry. No water stains or dirt marks. The market is a place where cleanliness should be taken a lot. Because it is a place to buy food For consumption Also the activities that took place Within the market are all activities That cause dirt all the time The cleanliness of the market is therefore the point of attracting more customers to buy in the market. Make your business stand out.

Cleaning service for industrial factories and warehouses

Industrial plant And warehouses with most standards One of those standards There will be cleanliness issues in the factory area. Or warehouse included Cleanliness standards are often set as regulations that must be followed. In order to obtain certification standards from various agencies If you are tired of taking care of cleanliness yourself To reduce accidents that happen while working and comply with the policy

Introduction of cleaning companies in Pattaya

Chupson Enterprise Co., Ltd.

PK Cleaning Service Pattaya Co., Ltd.

Pattaya Resort Services Co., Ltd.

Clean Pro Pattaya Co., Ltd.

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