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Car rental in Pattaya, choosing a service provider

Get to know Pattaya by renting a car. With a very simple process, just reserve online. step off the plane then drove away Of course, you will have to pass through passport control. and hand your driver's license to the kind staff at the car rental service department. which you probably already know But renting a car is easy. You can compare prices to find hotels that provide parking. There is a comfortable place to sleep. And you still don't have to worry about parking. There are many types of cars at many prices to choose from. Just tell us your travel date. You can tell which cars are available for rent from various car rental companies. In Pattaya with car rental in Pattaya You can choose a car, whether it's the model of the car, a small car or a large car. But companies can choose as they like.

What do I need to rent a car?

When booking a car You just need a credit or debit card. When you get to the car rental counter The following documents must be present.


Reservation confirmation

Each driver's license

Primary driver's credit card Some car rental companies also accept debit cards. But most people don't accept it.

Important information: Please be sure to check the car rental terms as well. This is because different car rental companies have different rules. For example, they may require certain additional identification documents. Some credit cards may not be accepted. Or the service may only be provided to drivers who have had a driver's license for at least 36 months or more.

How old do you have to be to rent a car?

Most car rental companies will provide the service if the driver is at least 21 years old, and some will rent to younger drivers. If the driver is less than 25 years old, they may have to pay. Young driver fee

Can I reserve a rental car on behalf of someone else?

It can be done. When making a reservation, just fill in the information of the person you booked the rental car for into the form. Driver information

Is there an appropriate rental car selection?

Try to think about the destination you will travel to. An SUV can be a great option for navigating the speed-limited roads in Texas. But smaller cars may be much easier to drive in Rome.

Let's see what other customers think. Or you can ask people who have used the car rental service that What kind of car is suitable for various types of travel? Therefore, it is worth trying to see what other customers like. And what don't you like? About each car rental company

Don't forget about gear. In some countries, almost everyone drives a car with a manual transmission. But in some countries, automatic transmissions are normally used. Make sure it's better to rent a used car.

Is the car rental included?

The rent shown includes the cost of the car. Mandatory insurance, such as theft insurance and insurance that has a deductible and mandatory fees, such as fees for returning the vehicle to different locations airport fees and local taxes

The rental fee also includes the cost of additional services such as GPS or child seats.

However The rental fee does not include additional insurance coverage purchased at the rental car counter.

Tips: All price details can be found on the payment page.

Top tips for renting a car in Pattaya

25% of users found rental cars in Pattaya for 560 or less.

Book a rental car in Pattaya at least 1 day before your trip. in order to get a lower price than usual

Economy car rentals in Pattaya are approximately 24% cheaper than other types of cars. On average

Pattaya Car Rental Important conditions for using the service

When picking up the car, the company will fill the gas tank. and the day of returning the car The renter must return the gas tank to full as well.

Counting days and times to rent a car. The daily car rental model will be based on the 24-hour principle, counting as 1 day of car rental. For example, picking up a rental car on Monday at 1:00 p.m. and returning the car on Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. will be counted as 1 day of daily car rental.

When the renter wants to rent more cars. from the number of days agreed in the rental contract Must call to inform 1 day in advance and must transfer additional money for daily car rental. According to the number of additional days you want to rent.

Insurance for rental cars in Pattaya which car rental company Type 1 insurance has been purchased for every vehicle. However, renters can purchase additional special insurance for 214 baht per day to avoid deductible damages. If the tenant is at fault

Car rental in Pattaya for select providers

Car rental documents

For those with credit cards

Identification card, age 21 years and up

Driver's license valid for 1 year or more

Credit card

For those who do not have a credit card

Identification card, age 21 years and up

Driver's license valid for 1 year or more

Salary slip Use the last 1 month or income certificate. Work phone number

For those who bring their cars in for repairs

Identification card, age 21 years and up

Driver's license valid for 1 year or more

Car registration form

Vehicle registration issued by the garage or service center

For students

Identification card, age 21 years and up

Driver's license valid for 1 year or more

Student card

Student history To confirm that you are a student, please log into the university system and save a screenshot of the system page to show the tenant's name. Student ID and status

For travelers

ID card or passport

Driver's license, age 1 year or older, have a driver's license in Thailand or an international driver's license

Outbound and return air tickets

Deposit for car rental

Car size and amount

1200 cc car price 5000 baht

1500 cc car price 5000 baht

Car size 1800 cc price 10000 baht or more

The deposit is refundable after returning the car. By transferring money

Pattaya car rental documents for business owners, companies, juristic persons

ID card

Car driver's license

Company certificate Latest edition no more than 3 months

Value added tax registration form P.P.20

Value added tax return form P.P.30 for the latest month for companies with registered capital of less than 5 million baht

In the case that the company directors do not use their own cars. Request additional documents as follows

Power of attorney

Identification card of the attorney-in-fact

Driver's license of attorney

Why rent a car in Pattaya and drive yourself?

All of our cars are grade A quality rental cars.

Before delivering the car to the customer. Every car has been inspected and maintained by a team of highly experienced mechanics.

The car has no limit on the distance it can run. Can drive all over Thailand.

Every employee will welcome and serve customers well. Like family members

Every car has first class insurance. If the customer has an accident while renting a car. There will be insurance to take care of everything. Without the customer having to pay additional money.

The company is reliable. and have the most customers return to use the service again

There are a variety of rental cars to choose from. To meet every use in traveling.

Every rental car will have emergency equipment installed in the car, such as a spare tire or a jack, so that immediate problems can be solved.

If there is a problem with the rental car or an accident with the car. You can call the call center 24 hours a day.

Car rental prices and car models in Pattaya

Nissan Almera 1.2 E CVT deposit 5000 baht, daily 1100 baht, monthly 15000 baht

Toyota Vios 1.5 J AT Deposit 5000 baht, daily 1300 baht, monthly 17200 baht

Isuzu Mu

Toyota Camry deposit 10000 baht, daily 3000 baht, monthly 48150 baht

Toyota Fortuner deposit 10000 baht, daily 3000 baht, monthly 48150 baht

Toyota Commuter deposit 10000 baht, daily 3000 baht, monthly 48150 baht

Nissan X-Trail deposit 10000 baht, daily 3000 baht, monthly 35300 baht

Nissan Teana deposit 10000 baht, daily 3000 baht, monthly 35300 baht

Toyota Altis deposit 10000 baht, daily 2050 baht, monthly 28900 baht

Nissan Sylphy deposit 10000 baht, daily 2050 baht, monthly 23550 baht

Honda Mobilio deposit 10000 baht, daily 2050 baht, monthly 23550 baht

Honda City deposit 5000 baht, daily 1700 baht, monthly 18200 baht

Toyota Yaris deposit 5000 baht, daily 1500 baht, monthly 16050 baht

Single cab pickup truck. Deposit 10000 baht. Daily 900 baht. Monthly 21400 baht.

Pickup truck, deposit 10000 baht, daily 1200 baht, monthly 23600 baht

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