Terminal 21 Shopping Mall Pattaya

Terminal 21-Pattaya Shopping Center

Terminal 21 Pattaya is a unique world-style structure. "Market Street", inspired by the six world-class megacities: Paris, London, Italy, Tokyo, San Francisco and Hollywood, featuring the city's landmarks on each floor. In front there is a real plane, a runway. Elephant Trunk Bridge and Escalator Which is the longest escalator in a shopping center in Thailand Decorated with beauty It is another kind of shopping mall that makes it exciting for tourists. Within Terminal 21 Pattaya, there is a 6-storey shopping mall area, complete with a wide variety of products and services, including fashion. Food, supermarkets, theaters and spas.

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  • Is shopping cheaper in Pattaya or Bangkok?
  • What is there to do in terminal 21?
  • What BTS station is terminal 21?
  • How do I get to Terminal 21 Pattaya?

Location of Terminal 21 Pattaya

Located at the Dolphin Circle in the heart of North Pattaya. Easily accessible from 3 main routes: Pattaya 2nd Road and North Pattaya Road. And Phettrakul Road Surrounded by the most 4-5 star hotels in Pattaya.


456, 777, 777/1 Moo 6, Bang Lamung District, Chonburi 20150

Opening-closing time

Opening hours: Open daily from 11:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m. or you can follow news on the page of Terminal 21 Pattaya

Getting to Terminal 21 Pattaya

Private car

Traveling by using a private car Can travel many routes. Both on Pattaya 2nd Road And North Pattaya Road Or Phettrakul Road You can choose to park your car either inside the mall building or outside the building. In the building and outside the building is separated from each type of parking space.


Motorcycle taxi Prices start at 40-150 baht depending on the address, whether it is near or far away. Or it may depend on the driver and passenger agreement.

Taxi charter Taxis are available in many forms. Including in general applications and taxis If calling a taxi in the application The price will depend on whether the passenger is a short distance away. But if you call for a regular taxi, the price may vary between the driver and the passenger's agreement.

Why do you have to go to Terminal 21 Pattaya?

To shop for various fashion items.

Various services, banks, beauty spas.

I walk around and take a photo with statues and scenery.

Enjoy food and drinks from different countries.

6-storey shopping mall space in Terminal 21 Pattaya

G Floor, Paris

The Eiffel Tower stands 27 meters high, located between the center of the G floor, reflecting the atmosphere of a fashionable city in the heart of Paris. With a collection of over 100 brand-name products and cosmetics ready to choose from To please people who like shopping such as watches, clothes, cosmetics, shoes and there are also many options to choose from.

M Floor London

Replicating the essence of London. With london bus And a red british style phone booth Ready to present fashion products Brand-name products, sporting goods and street brands, coffee shops, fruit drinks and teas. Including there is a foodland supermarket, size 2000 square meters, which is full of consumer products. Available 24 hours a day and more.

Level 1 Italy

Enjoy important landmarks from a variety of Italian cities. Leaning tower of pisa Venetian gondola Romeo and Juliet's memorial to the love of Verona This floor presents health-related products. And more than 30 beauty shops, bank centers And IT equipment Mobile phone This floor has many services to choose from. And other stores

Level 2, Tokyo

Enjoy a design that reflects the Japanese in the hearts of the shopper. Shinkansen Station Sumo model Including paper lanterns decorated around It also has more than 250 shops, including a variety of restaurants and chic cafes that you shouldn't miss to try and chill. Many Japanese restaurants are included. Popular steak restaurants in Bangkok Shabu shop with delicious dipping sauce And many other stores.

Level 3, San Francisco

Enjoy the colors of modernity with the symbols of the city like The Golden Gate Bridge and the tram offers a wide variety of restaurants such as delicious Thai food. So Asean Shop Restaurants with national menus of each country in ASEAN Including more than 30 food courts, delicious food at affordable prices starting at 20 baht collected in Pier 21 Food Court, which has long held the hearts of foodies And there are many others to choose from.

Hollywood 4th floor

Find fun with 7 SFX theaters with new designs and concepts for the first time in Thailand. Ready to have fun with Active Sea, the most advanced player hub in the country.

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