Gay bars and clubs in Jomtien

Gay bars and clubs in Jomtien (Pattaya) in Thailand

There are many gay bars and clubs in Jomtien, a popular beach resort near Pattaya. Some of the most well-known ones are located in the Jomtien Complex, a large entertainment area with over 30 bars, cabarets, hotels, restaurants and massage spas. You can also find gay venues near Dongtan Beach, such as The Venue Cabaret & Residence, which offers an outdoor pool, a spa bath and nightly cabaret shows. If you want to explore more of Pattaya’s gay nightlife, you can take a baht bus to BoyzTown, the oldest and most famous gay district in the city. There, you can enjoy go-go bars, drag shows and live music at places like Castro Bar, Cupidol, Boyz Boyz Boyz and X Boys. Pattaya is one of Asia’s top gay destinations, so you will have plenty of options to have fun and meet new people. 

Are there any gay beaches in Pattaya?

Yes, there are. According to the web search results, the most popular gay beach in Pattaya is Dongtan Beach, located in Jomtien, a beach resort near Pattaya. Dongtan Beach attracts a diverse group of tourists, expats and locals, and has many gay-friendly bars, cabarets, hotels, restaurants and massage spas nearby. Another gay beach in Pattaya is Tien Beach, on Coral Island (Koh Larn), which offers a more secluded and tropical island experience. Pattaya is a great destination for gay travelers who want to enjoy the sun, sand and sea. 

Prices for drinking at ladyboy bars in Jomtien

I can help you find some information about the prices for drinking at ladyboy bars in Jomtien. 

According to some web sources, the prices for drinks and girls in Jomtien are a little cheaper than in Pattaya. Beers usually cost 70-80 Baht (as low as 60 Baht during happy hour), lady drinks between 100-140 Baht, and the bar fine is only 300 Baht in almost every girly bar in town. Prices are lower than most bars, (except next door where drinks are almost given away) beer 50-70 baht, shorts pretty cheap and lady drinks are the standard 90 baht 

One of the most popular ladyboy bars in Jomtien is Emmy’s Bar, located on Jomtien Beach Road Soi 3. They have live streaming on Facebook and you can support them by buying lady drinks online. They also have a swimsuit theme on Tuesdays 

Are there any other ladyboy bars in Jomtien?

Yes, there are other ladyboy bars in Jomtien besides Emmy’s Bar. According to a map of the main ladyboy bars and venues in Pattaya and Jomtien, some of the other popular places are: 

Sensations Bar on Jomtien Soi 4,

which has a large and comfortable outdoor seating area, a pool table, and friendly staff 

La Bamba Bar on Jomtien Soi 13/4,

which is a cozy and intimate bar with a nice selection of ladyboys and regular live music events 

Pook Bar on Jomtien Soi 6,

which is one of the oldest and most established ladyboy bars in town, with a spacious indoor area and a pool table 

These are just some of the options you have if you are looking for ladyboy bars in Jomtien. You can also find more venues on the map or by exploring the area yourself. I hope you enjoy your time in Jomtien.

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