Seafood Buffet in Pattaya

Seafood Buffet Restaurant in Pattaya

Seafood Buffet Pattaya

Buffet seafood restaurant in Pattaya has many options to choose from. But the unique part of the buffet restaurant is Bringing various seafood seafood to customers to choose from. This will include shrimp, shellfish, crab, blue crab, squid, fish, crayfish, fresh vegetables, snacks and desserts. Many other buffet restaurants will have food to choose from. There are ready-to-cook food, fresh food such as pork, chicken, and a variety of dipping sauces. And the shop also has unlimited refillable drinks. Some restaurants offer both fresh and frozen seafood. which some stores also have a selection of fresh and ice knocked In order to eat together in a sweet and delicious taste, each restaurant is divided into food zones to choose from each zone, such as a food zone, a beverage zone. Snacks and dessert zones, prices are as specified by the shop. But for customers who want a drink other than what the shop provides. Must be paid outside the buffet price. The shop also offers satisfied services for customers as well.

Why should you go to a buffet restaurant?

Great value for the price and food that you can eat.

Taste delicious seafood, seafood, sweet meat.

Refillable drink various food many to choose from

atmosphere of each store and convenient service

Suitable for people who like seafood, seafood buffet.

What are the buffet restaurants in Pattaya?

Seafood Seafood both fresh and frozen

The shop's equipment, cups, plates, bowls, spoons, sparring glasses, chopsticks, scissors

The sauces of each shop have different recipes. And there are many types to choose from.

Fruits, desserts, ice cream, appetizers

Unlimited refillable drinks

Table seating for customers to choose to sit and eat with the atmosphere.

How to get to the Seafood Buffet Restaurant Pattaya

Travel can be traveled in many forms, such as private cars, motorcycles, chartered taxis, minibuses, general taxis. We can choose which store we want to go to. The price of the taxi depends on the distance or the agreement of the driver and passenger.

Opening hours and prices

opening hours

The opening hours of each store are different. Some stores are open from 3:00 PM to 0:00 AM, while others are open from 5:00 PM until 1:00 AM, or if there are customers, they can open a little longer. However, some stores are still open 24 hours a day, but not many, some may be open every day or some may have a day off a week. But during the time of COVID, many things have changed.

seafood price buffet seafood

The price of seafood, seafood buffet will start from 199 -399 baht per person, depending on the restaurant. Which some stores set the price of 199-299 baht, there may be a grill fee. or a separate drinking water refill fee But for some shops, which are already set the same price, which is 299-399 baht, you can choose the whole shop and do not include grilling or drinks. In addition to the drinks that the shop does not provide.

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