Taxi in Pattaya

Taxi in Pattaya

There are many types of taxis in Pattaya such as:

Metered Taxi: These are taxis that have a meter to calculate the fare based on distance and time. They are usually yellow and green. or blue and red Rarely found in Pattaya. and most come from Bangkok They may charge a fixed rate or refuse to use the meter. Therefore, you should negotiate the price before entering.

Free taxis: These are taxis that do not have a meter and charge a fixed rate depending on the destination. They are usually white, black or silver and are commonly found in Pattaya. and can be found at airports, hotels, or tourist attractions You can also book online or by phone.

Motorbike taxi: is a taxi that uses a motorcycle to carry one passenger. It's the fastest and cheapest way to travel around Pattaya, especially in heavy traffic. They wear colored vests with numbers on the back. And you can find them in various locations around town. You can even use their mobile app to order. You should negotiate the price before getting in the car. And wear a helmet for safety.

Songthaew: This is a taxi that uses a pickup truck that is modified to carry 10 passengers on two seats. Also called a baht bus. Because it usually costs 10 or 20 baht per person, it is the most convenient and common method of public transportation in Pattaya. There are different routes and colors such as dark blue, red, white, and green. You can greet them with a wave. and get off by pressing the buzzer You can hire a private tour but you must negotiate the price with the driver.

Taxi Pattaya

Pattaya Taxi

Taxi service in Pattaya. There are both services in Pattaya and other provinces. You can reserve in advance or call to inquire at various companies. Or it may be a public taxi that stops at various points. If you want to travel to other provinces You can ask for details. and the price can be shared with the driver.

Or if you want to travel in Pattaya. The price is not very expensive. If calculated according to the meter of public taxis It will start at 35 baht and the price will increase according to the distance the passenger wants to go.

You can also choose a car according to our needs that suits you. Convenient for traveling or moving things, but the price may be as agreed upon by the driver. Or is it another price that is used to transport goods?

How can I reserve or order a taxi?

BOLT application

GRAB FOOD application

LINE MAN application

TAXI BEAM application

Public taxi


Taxi prices vary. If at the price of various applications The price starts with the pick up point and the distance the passenger wants to travel. But the price is not very expensive. May start from 40 - 200 baht if traveling in Pattaya. If you call from the application, there is no limit on the number of passengers.

But if you want to travel across to other provinces. You can inquire or agree on the price with the driver. Prices may start from 700 - 1,200 baht.

Public taxi prices are calculated according to the meter that the taxi has set at 35 baht and will be calculated according to the distance that the passenger wants to go, at 1 baht per 1 kilometer (but if the traffic is stuck for a long time Price may be more expensive)

Or there may be taxis that run only in Pattaya, with prices starting at 150 - 200 baht. The driver will give you a business card or phone number for communication when people want to travel.

Why choose to use taxis in Pattaya?

Convenient for traveling in Pattaya

Providing fast service

Convenient and safe for customers

New, clean, polite, calm car service

Service complete with all customer needs

Punctual for customers using booking services

Provide services at a fair price

What services can be selected?

4-seat taxi service

Taxi service with 6 seats

Private car service, size 5 seats

Private car service with 7 seats

3-row van service

4-row van service

VIP van service

One-way service

Round-trip service

Hourly rental service

All day rental service

How to use the service in just a few easy steps

Notify the location to pick up

Inform the destination for delivery

Wait for the staff to pick you up at your destination.

For customers who cannot tell the customer's location. You can call and tell us the location.

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