Renting a condo in Pattaya Information and prices

Condo for Rent in Pattaya

The big cities of Thailand like Pattaya have a large choice of accommodation, you will find your Condo for rent at reasonable prices. Tip: read your rental contract carefully before signing! Charges included or not? Electricity price?

Condo rental contract information and documents

Condo rental contracts are considered a top priority, whether it's on the tenant's department. Or the lessor Because it will be an agreement on the terms of the condo lease for both parties to have a common understanding In addition, nowadays, renting a condo for residence has increased in popularity. Understanding condo lease agreements is very important to both the tenant and the landlord.

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Price of a condo rental

As with hotels in Thailand, depending on the season, prices for short term rentals vary. Count between 5,000 to 7,000 Bahts (between 125 to 200 €) for a month in a condominium. For this price you get generally clean but small rooms with private bathrooms. The rooms are generally equipped with TV, fridges, and air conditioning.

What is a condo lease agreement?

A condo lease agreement is a type of property lease agreement. Which when the contract has been completed The contract has a legal effect on both civil and criminal protection. Because the agreement to rent orally without the lease agreement When there is a problem between the tenant and the landlord Will not be able to prosecute the execution Therefore, it is wise to make a contract every time you rent. Or rent a condo.

Types of Condo Leases

Types of condo lease agreements can be divided into two types, just like any other real estate lease, such as land, short-term leases. And long term rentals For short term rentals up to 3 years, both parties can enter into a contract by themselves. But the long-term lease is more than 3 years, both parties have to come to the lease agreement in front of the Land Department officials in that area. To register And pay a fee If the long term lease is more than 3 years but not legally registered, it will cover only the first 3 years, after the 4th year it will not be covered as if there was no written lease agreement.

expenses you should know Before renting a condo

Advance rental or reservation payment

Insurance fee

Expenses between renting a condo

Things you should know before making a condo lease

Inquiring about tenants' history

Before deciding whether to rent or not. Landlords should ask the tenants for information first. Whether it is a personal history such as occupation, salary, reasons for applying for rent. Number of residents Including the length of time you want to rent To be used as a preliminary consideration when checking and deciding whether to rent or not.

Clearly specify the rent

It is important to clearly state the lease agreement: Details of the rent that the tenant must be responsible for By separating each part clearly in detail what each month has to pay and how much each item has to be paid, including insurance before entering. House rental or room rental, common fee, water-electricity collection rate Various repairs, etc. Set the date and time of payment. Including various conditions if the tenant breaches the conditions or how much fines are paid If you pay more than the specified date and time.

Set a lease term

In addition to the rent. Another thing that cannot be forgotten is Duration of the day - the time of the lease into that lease. How many months or years each contract is, for example, 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year if the tenant terminates the lease before the contract expires. How many days in advance should I report? Is there a security foreclosure? Including the renewal of the lease, whether you have to make a new version or automatically renew the contract.

The owner has the right to review

Another story that the landlord - condo should specify clearly in the lease is. The landlord or landlord's agent may inspect the home on a reasonable basis from time to time. To prevent the tenants accused of being compromised

Do not break the law

A story that many homeowners may have overlooked because they thought they were known. However, it should be clearly stated in the contract that If there is an event that the tenant violates the dog rule in the rental house The lessor is not involved in any way.

Let tenants sign to accept the terms

This is to prevent further prosecution. In the lease on terms of payment Rules or regulations in the residence should have tenants sign or sign on every page. As evidence that the tenant has read and accepted the terms and conditions specified by the landlord.

Request complete tenant documents

In addition to house-condo rental details that must be clearly stated in the rental agreement Should ask for documents about the tenant to keep as evidence, such as a copy of the ID card Copy of house registration, etc., together with the signatures of tenants To be used for background checks and as evidence for prosecution if the rental contract is breached.

Take pictures as evidence

Another story you can't forget is. The owner should take pictures of different angles of the house or room before the tenants come to stay. To be used to check the condition of the items and the internal condition when the tenants move away that What is damaged and what is the tenant's responsibility?

Rent a condo What rights do I need to know?

The lessor has no right to collect the rent more than 1 month in advance.

The tenant has the right to cancel the lease at any time. But you have to tell us 30 days in advance.

Damage not caused by the tenants. The owner of the room or the landlord is responsible.

Tenants do not pay rent. The lessor has no right to intrusion.

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