Thai driving license for foreigners in Pattaya

Thai Pattaya driving license for foreigners

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Why do I need a Thai driving license?

  • Can foreigners get driving license in Thailand?
  • How do I get a Thai driving Licence in Pattaya?
  • Can I get a Thai drivers Licence on a tourist visa?
  • What do I need to get a Thai driving Licence?

There are several reasons why a Thai driver's license should be obtained upon arrival in the country.

The most important reason to get a Thai driver's license is to make sure it's insured. Will stand firm in the event of an accident, even if it is fully insured, the insurance company will not pay for it unless you have a driver's license.

The second reason is to be legitimate, make sure you won't be fined continuously when ordered by the police for lack of a driver's license.

Can enter a place with double price and pay the same amount as Thai people. Some national parks, theme parks, and zoos are just a few examples that often double the price. Driving license can also be used as a code to book hotel rooms.

How can I drive a car in Thailand?

Driving in Thailand is possible as long as you have a valid English driver's license from the country of origin. Or a valid international driving license, traffic rules apply the same in Thailand But the behavior of the driver is different. So it's very important to drive carefully and patiently and patiently.

How is the traffic in Thailand?

In the case of intersections without traffic lights, normal traffic rules do not apply. When there is a traffic jam, some drivers are tempted to overtake the poles and pass through another lane which is against the direction of the traffic.

Is driving a car in Thailand dangerous?

If there is a pillar of the car behind it. The driver will not pay attention to pedestrians because people want to cross the road. Lane shifts are not really important in Thailand traffic, many drivers do not signal a crossing from lane to lane. Drive carefully and comply with Thai traffic rules.

How should I drive on these roads?

Don't drive too fast. And beware of the traffic that will occur that day The roads in Thailand are quite nice and comfortable, but some of the streets in the city can be fairly poor. There may be sudden bumps. And unexpectedly, or even a hole in the road.

How long is a Thai driving license valid?

When I get a Thai driver's license for the first time, be 2 years old.
When the deadline is near. And will receive a Thai driver's license and will be valid for 5 years.

Thai driver's license, what documents are required?

Driving license Firstly, please send a copy of the driver's license. To be able to make sure it can change more if everything is fine I will contact you back to send the remaining documents and documents.

Medical certificate This can be obtained in a related surgery, hospital or clinic. It will cost about 50-100 baht, carry a passport with you.

Passport You must use the real person.

Driving license must be original.

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