Visas for tourists in Thailand

Visa for tourists in Thailand going abroad

Getting to know Visa

A visa is a certificate supporting a passport from different countries. Issued to the traveler For use to stay within the territory of that country During the specified period The traveler is required to present the visa obtained at the immigration checkpoint of the destination country. And visas of each country that will be issued to travelers have many forms. Most of them are divided by main type, such as a tourist visa. Work visa Education visa Including connecting flights to a third country, a specific visa is required as well. Both visas of each country have different conditions, such as the number of times they have been used. Length of stay Until the age of the visa In addition, there are several types of visa acquisition characteristics. It depends on the country.

How to apply for a visa

Submitting a visa application through the embassy or receiving center

Applying for a visa at the embassy or visa application center is the basic way to find a visa application. In which documents must be prepared ready And travel to the place specified by the embassy by yourself Or can authorize others in certain countries Many current Countries tend to prefer an authorized agent, known as a visa application center. Is the operator of sending documents and information Where the visa applicant does not have to go to an embassy such as a European country But some countries have to operate through the embassy only. For example in the United States.

Applying for a visa online

Some countries now offer travelers the ability to apply for a visa through the online system of the government agency in that country. Instead of sending documents that are somewhat limited in terms of locations that may not be available thoroughly Which includes both online submission, waiting to hear the results via email, and then sending your passport to receive a stamp through the post When submitting online first, you must travel to the embassy or visa application center again for an interview or additional information. All of these will depend on the regulations of each country.

Applying for a visa through the destination airport

In some countries, there are special requirements for Thai tourists. That is, obtaining a visa at the airport of destination or visa upon arrival. Which does not need to process any visa application In Thailand first Then, when you arrive at the destination airport, you can submit documents to obtain a visa stamp in the airport at all. It is also different from visa free due to visa on arrival. The visa application form is still being filled out in full. And also the visa application fee is charged. As for countries that do not require a visa Just submit your passport through immigration and you're done.

Documents for applying for a visa

Visa application form Important documents that need to be filled out, either through paperwork or online. The forms of each country require a different amount of detail. But in most cases it is personal information. Purpose and period of travel Work information And family

Passport All countries requiring a visa have a requirement to use the latest passport. There is at least one blank page for the remaining 6 months of validity and at least one blank page for obtaining a visa stamp. In addition, some countries may request verification of old passports and travel history in various stamp forms. I've received all of these.

A face-to-face photograph, one more important proof required by each country. But there are requirements that differ in terms of face size and position on the figure. But every country needs a recent photo that is no more than 6 months old.

Financial proof It is necessary in many countries, be it Europe, America or Australia. Which must show evidence of the source of income Work certificate Salary slip Including account statements That shows that you have the potential to spend while residing in another country. Or if there is a sponsor, it must show evidence of the sponsor instead But financial evidence is not required in some countries.

Other travel documents such as airfare, lodging reservations, travel plans and other evidences. That shows that there is a purpose that meets the visa application. And will reside in another country Only for the specified time.

Tips for getting a visa


The most important point of applying for a visa. Because if not all documents have been prepared as required by that country You may be denied a visa before the background check is made. Therefore, prepare all necessary documents for consideration as requested. Because the embassy will not contact to request documents that are missing from added later And some visa application centers may charge an additional fee if required to be checked for completeness of documents.


The most common reason visas are denied are false positives. Whether you intend to tell a lie or be suggested by a visa application company For example, claiming to know this person in the country Despite the fact that there is no relationship Or said that he never had a history of prosecutions despite having been convicted or prosecuted before Even though the present story is over Because the embassy can check whether all that is filled in the form or interviewed is true or not. And if remembered for lying The most serious punishment is that it may be banned from entering that country for the rest of your life.

Prove the true return

The only important issue for countries where visas are strict are: Must prove that he travels abroad and will return with various obligations Not gone, gone, gone, gone and gone Some countries therefore request to view documents Until the title deed Home loan contract or car loan Or if not claiming, it can attach evidence proving that there is an obligation to the home country The kind that must be returned Regardless of their duties, their family and their possessions.

Additional instructions for applying for a visa

Before proceeding with the visa application. It is necessary to study the visa conditions of the traveling country before each time. To follow the procedures set by each country And even if you travel to the same country again I need to study how to apply for a new visa. Because the country you are visiting again may change the method each year too.

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